Don’t Fall Victim to Skimping on Beauty and Health

The one common factor or symptom is that families are all cutting out what they believe are the unnecessary purchases. The important thing to remember here is that what might seem like an unnecessary luxury could actually be a giant savings if it is recognized as an investment instead of a luxury. Prevention of signs of aging in your skin can be afforded, even in hard times, and will save you at least triple the cost on future remedies if left unprevented. In order to differentiate a necessary purchase from. a luxury which should be eliminated in a tight budget, let’s ask ourselves a question. Do we Need this purchase? In the case of protecting your skin from aging, we are talking about your health. Do you Need your health?

I think so, and so do millions of Americans who are continuing to invest in preventative anti aging treatments for their skin. You need your health and you need your skin, and you need them both to remain youthful, beautiful and keep you happy. With that thought in mind, the idea of investing less than a couple dollars a day to keep your skin healthy seems like a logical investment, not a luxury expenditure. Let’s examine the basic math of the equation here. For example, a highly popular anti aging serum containing Renovage (preventative against wrinkles, pores, redness, and sagging) costs only $1.10 per day to use.

The use of this product will remove the wrinkles you already have, but more importantly, prevent future, deeper wrinkles, redness and large pores. Compare that to the future treatments (when the economy could be better or worse) of possible Botox injections, facial surgery, or endless wrinkle cream trial and errors on your now deeply entrenched wrinkles. This equals thousands of dollars in savings. It is clearly a no-brainer to scrape up a little over a dollar a day to keep your skin from aging too quickly and protecting your health and happiness.I have to admit, at first, this thinking seemed odd to me. I figured, “Hey, an expense like a high-end aging serum is one of the first things I should cut in a time of conserving money.”

But after I heard about a poll online, I changed my opinion. The website I read said that 80% of people agreed that their health and beauty was important enough to invest in during hard times, and 90% agreed that financially, it was worth the sacrifice of a tiny amount like $1 a day to prevent future outpourings of cash on surgeries and costly treatments. As these dog days of the economy linger on, let’s make a promise to ourselves that although we have to conserve on spending, we do not have to sacrifice our health and beauty. Not only are we worth it, but investing a little now can save us a lot later.